Clickpayments Streamlines Your Payment Process

Best-in-class Software

Whether you need a countertop terminal or an integrated inventory management system linked to your e-commerce store, we have a solution for you. Couple that with flexible and easy-to-understand reporting, customer marketing options, time and attendance, and many additional capabilities.

Cool and Cost-effective Equipment

An efficient, streamlined checkout experience leaves a great last impression for your customers. The right POS equipment inspires customer trust and confidence. We’ll ensure your POS equipment meets your customers’ expectations.

Transparent Pricing

Hey, it’s your money. You shouldn’t need a forensic accountant to understand your statements. We will work with you to understand every nuance of this complicated industry.

A Payment Company You Can Trust

  • No Termed Base Agreements

  • No Termination Fees

  • No Rate Increases

  • Personalized Customer Service

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